Monday, March 22, 2010

Did Ya Miss Me?!

Sorry for the tardiness! THIS cute little peanut is the reason. Meet Adrian Xavier Torres, my sister's new addition to the family! (P.S. can't see it too well but check out the fabric on this chair I'm sitting in. My mom's in the process of recovering and restoring it, because she's a genius with upholstery, and i LOVE it! I'm going to design some wallpaper like it!)

I intended to just go up for the weekend to Idaho and visit the family and relax and enjoy a standard sized shower...then SURPRISE there my sister was with the Peanut, so I had to stay! And over a week later I decided to leave before my parents were overloaded with 2 little boys in the house.  Here's my inspiration this week (BUT NOT THE ONLY REASON I'VE GOT BABIES ON THE BRAIN!):
This is my little man Reagan with his new cousin, Adrian. Despite the sheer look of terror on his face, he actually really dug his cousin. When we were patting his back, (Peanut's, not Reagan's), he would truck on over and try to help! Or try to launch him from Adrian's bouncy chair while he was hanging out in it, or whatever he could do to get into trouble!

On a fantastic side note, I visited my old adviser at the college I went to in Coeur d' Alene, and was offered a part time teaching position in the Graphic Design Department! Stay tuned for details on that little gem of information!

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