Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Plans!

Hi Everyone!

We are settling into the Inland Northwest! North Idaho, the 51st State. Or it should be!  We are SO happy to be back in the area, and things are falling into place.

We saw a BUNCH of horrible rentals, but just today found a really cute 3 Bd/1.5 Ba that is going to work perfectly for us! It came down to "Will we be happy here for at least a year?" The answer was YES! Not much for a yard, which was high on my list for my 2 boys, but there are a few parks in walking distance, so that made up for that. Hubbins is not a city boy, but he took the "if you're happy here, I'm happy here too" approach. Thanks babe! That's part of why I love you SO MUCH!

Creatively, I have much in the works. Settling into town, and starting to dream up ideas for growing my business is tops on my list. I have this huge urge to contribute to the family coffers, even being a full time mom, and then baking another baby on top of everything else!

Once again, this is about what I feel like right now:

I'm hoping things settle down really soon. I'll be previewing my promotional postcards soon, as well as announcing a giveaway of some SUPER CUTE custom recipe cards, to bring out the mama-jama in all of us! Or as a friend calls it, the "Becky-Homecky". Hold me to it! What would all of you like to see on a design for a recipe card? What inspires you to create?

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Good Life

My husband is Wonderful with a capital "W". I've always known this, but today I'm able to take a minute to be grateful. He's working his tail off so that I can stay at home, and work from home, and spend time with our son.

Like right now, I'm drinking an iced coffee, recipe courtesy of The Pioneer Woman, a couple logo ideas stewing on screen, and my little Mr. Mr. is running around outside within eyesight shooting his "water soakers" at every little bug that dares to get in his way. Oh, to be 2. (We call them water soakers because he also has a fascination with guns, and guns are not allowed to be pointed at people EVER, while water soakers can.....see how that can get confusing?)

Courtesy of Flickr. Love the tranquility in this photo,
with the promise of some excitement in the clouds!
And I just had to take a peaceful minute to let you all know, before the reality of a day at home sets in and I'm swamped with the dishes, lunchtime, bathtime, dinnertime, naptime, and various "clean up all of the potty accidents" times.