Friday, August 21, 2009

Services Provided

  • Business Marketing Collateral
  • Ad Design
  • Custom Wedding Invitations and Wedding Packages
  • Postcards
  • Special Occasion Notecards
  • Direct Mail Pieces
  • Flyers
  • Real Estate Info Packets
  • Brochure Design
  • Amateur Photography
  • Senior Portraits
  • Product Photography
And Much More! Send me an email if you don't see what you need listed and we can talk!

Best Ways to Get Ahold of Me!

Email, Phone, and Blogger! Just leave a comment on here, or a message in my mail or on my phone, and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks!

The Dreaded Question... How Much Do You Charge?

Hourly Rate: 
$40 for general design. (This includes newspaper ads, magazine ads, typesetting, etc.)
$20 for revisions to existing ads.
Flat Fees: 

$250 - Business Identity and Collateral. (Logo Design, Business Card & Letterhead)
*This list and my capabilities are subject to change and addition as I acquire new skillsets. Discounts may be given for repeat business.

I really feel like a designer has the freedom to work within a customer's budget 99.9% of the time. I also feel like after checking around the Sandpoint area and seeing other business' prices for hourly work, that after $40/hr. you are paying for their name, and not the quality of the work being done.  Less than that and it seems the work suffers and a designer is tempted to inflate the billing to make a little extra.  The average around Sandpoint seems to be $75/hr.
I work from home, and am in the habit of setting up business meetings at local coffee shops should I need to meet a new customer or someone interested in hiring me for a project. In most cases I buy the coffee!  Also, I communicate well through email until a project reaches the point that a hard copy proof and face to face meeting (and some coffee!) is needed.
I am flexible as far as price goes. My quotes are by no means the say-all end-all.  I am willing to bid a full project and stick to the price if I am given full disclosure on which to base my prices.
In short . . .  I am a local professionally trained designer that's just trying to make some money and pay some bills!  I advertise on free venues such as SandpointOnline and Craigslist, and use Blogger instead of a conventional website to keep costs down for myself and my customers.