Monday, March 29, 2010

No New Projects = No New Inspiration!

The ho-hum days of design. I should have a ton of side projects to work on.....but I really don't. Why? Because it's been one of those months...The type where Reagan is teething and testing authority to the max, and I have no energy for anything else at the end of the day.


What's in the works with me these days...

Graduation Invite
Personal Business Card Design
A SINGLE Newspaper Ad


I am HOPING in the next few days/weeks/months to get some baby shower invites to design!

I need someone to let me design them a LOGO. I LOVE LOGOS. And the academic geek in me wanted to follow that statement with (AND ETHOS....) But I didn't. Why? Because have you ever heard of an academic artistic design-minded individual? Well now you have. 

And for fun...I will probably redesign the blog. So if you come here, and it's completely different, don't freak out and call the FBI, I'm not missing, just playing hide-and-peek.

Oh, and one last thing..I'm going to house-sit for my parents and their monstrous 100 lb. german shepherd, Gauge, for a whole week. In the event that I make it out of it alive, you'll hear from me after next week, because my parents live in a place with no cell phone service, and the slowest internet connection in the world. I bet Antarctica gets faster service than them. But it's gorgeous! And if it's sunny then I will hike with Reagan and the dog and take lots of pictures to show you upon my return!


  1. haha, i find great inspiration can come from being outside enjoying the fresh breeze or hitting the gym to work out some frustration! Good for you girl! Keep at it! Can't wait to see the design!

  2. I normally love to walk...but with all the Rain I had a conversation with Noah, and he said I could borrow his Ark anytime I needed to get outside!