Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I Do When I am Bored

Have you ever seen those things on Facebook.  You know, THOSE things.... the posts about how if you're bored, just go to Flickr and pick a random picture, then go to a quote page and pick a random quote, then go to Wikipedia and pick a random article title, then put them together in Photoshop and that will be your first album cover when you get famous?

Haha. I didn't think so.

But I have.

Wikipedia gave me an article called Cambria Hills. A city in California.
Flickr gave me a picture of some beer kegs. A very artistic picture no less.
And the last quote on the quotations page, on the very last 4 words, gave me my album name.

Check it out!

It's just for fun, but kinda cool, no?