Monday, January 24, 2011

Outdoor Inspiration

In the past year, we have seen A LOT of water. A LOT. We were on the Oregon Coast in Brookings for quite awhile. It is SO soothing to look at water crash onto sand beaches when it's a blustery 50 degrees outside. I LOVED it! Even though we were in a travel trailer, I could take my little Mr. Mr. across the street and to an ocean overlook and watch the big waves. It was SO peaceful!

And then we were in Elma, WA. Not right on the water, but we could drive to Seattle, and we did, quite frequently. And you know what Seattle is famous for! That's right, the PIER! LOVED that pier! All the noise, and the smells (only a few bad ones). It was so great! I'm a closet city girl.
 And then we were in a few other places where there was no water. But as of YESTERDAY, we have landed just north of Othello, WA on the Potholes Reservoir. And the view is AMAZING! Our cabin overlooks the water from the dining area, and we get to watch the sunsets and the duck hunters. AND, to make it all authentic, there's signs everywhere that say, "We'll pluck your duck for a buck!" No joke! Hilarious! And really, this picture doesn't do the view justice. I just took it with my phone. Out the window. Yeah, cause it's cold, (and that's how I roll.)

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