Wednesday, October 27, 2010


hahahahaha. Mine will have a trailer on them! Yep, a vintage, cartoon trailer, and then a picture of yours truly with the two men in my life standing outside of said trailer....doing something funny. I'd love some ideas!

Here's our trailer!

We were going to go with hick, because actually....we are hickish and it wouldn't take any effort to dress up and black out some teeth, but I'm open to anything! We did happen to take a nice family picture....that I'll include in the inside, because with all the traveling we do, we don't get to see family that often! And we wouldn't want them to forget what we look like, would we?

Here's that family picture...before editing. (jk I edited out a light fixture and got rid of some under eye circles before I showed you this)
Our little mister mister is cute, right? He won't sit still for anything. It's why I love him so much. Actually I was just joking. This won't be the picture, but it's the same lighting as the picture I'm actually going to use, so when I get all done and reveal it, you can be totally surprised!

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