Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another Filling Station Project

I had a RAD poster to create for The Filling Station Youth Center this week. It was one of those "Um, we have an event on the 11th what can you show us by tomorrow-ish" type of deals. For some reason....I LOVE those projects! Some good work generally turns out from those rush jobs. Here's what I came up with:

Cool right? Notice the new logo in the bottom right corner!!
Yep, that was a previous project. 

Um...and you guys don't know about the food that comes out of the kitchen at this place. IT'S TO DIE FOR! Notice how I highlighted "Dessert Included"??  The lady who normally cooks also cooks on a weekly and sometimes daily basis for an ARMY of teenage kids and she is AMAZING! I've never had anything bad come from her kitchen, and I ate MANY MANY meals there, so I can only imagine what types of desserts will come out of there for this event.....mmmm.


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