Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time To Put My Money Where My Mouth Is!

Ok, time to commence with the giveaways! YAAY! I'm so excited. Thanks to Jana at Twig, probably with more props than I'm giving here, I now have 13 followers, and counting! Faster than I ever thought possible! That means, I HAVE TO GET MY BUTT IN GEAR! Time to design my heart out for one lucky winner! 

BUT....BUT....BUT.... It is Sunday. And it is Superbowl Sunday. AND...I love the Superbowl, even though I don't watch most football games. So I will figure out my rules, and methods of madness, and post tomorrow during Reagan's nap, as to what, and when, and where!

In the meantime, be thinking about what you would LOVE to have designed for you, as that will be part of the post you must post when entering. (I know that much!)  And be prepared to give me some grace. This IS my first giveaway, after all!

A picture to meditate on! From my hometown!

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