Monday, February 8, 2010

Design Freebies Anyone?!

Alright...whew, I'm nervous. This is my first giveaway. Normally when I've never done something before, I google it and figure out how. In this case...I'm winging it!

But, to get the ball rolling, I need to share a picture of my son, Reagan. Feel sorry for the little guy, because last night, after the Superbowl, he decided to celebrate by faceplanting off his highchair into the table, and ended up with a goose egg the size of a golfball, right in the middle of his forehead. So we were up until 10 pm with him making sure he didn't have a concussion!

Back to the giveaway! Now I'm not so nervous.
So. This. Is. What. I'm. Thinking.

This giveaway will be of one custom design, NO WEBSITE DESIGN OR CODING on this one. Let's limit this to:
  • Banners
  • Sidebar Buttons
  • Notecards, Recipe Cards, and the like
  • Business Cards
  • 1 Advertisement for Print
I think that should do it.

Now. How to enter.  You MUST be a follower and leave a comment, and in that comment tell me what you want designed for you, and give me an idea for my next giveaway. Simple, easy-peasy.

Giveaway will end on Thursday at midnight (the midnight between Thursday and Friday, not Wednesday and Thursday). I will announce the winner on Friday, of course during Reagan's naptime.  The winner will be chosen with a random number generator, and you will then have 24 hours to contact me to discuss what you want made ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!

Simple enough? So get going!

I've modified this post to participate in Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday, so more people have the chance to view my blog and giveaways!


  1. You are really generous with your giveaways!! I love the notecard or print ad idea!! (of course, that's 'cause those are what I need!!). Poor little guy- my youngest did that when he was 2 and called the giant bump that emerged his "egg" - so sad and funny at the same time! Hope he's feeling better!

  2. Oh my gosh, poor little Reagan! That goose egg is really a whopper!! Heal up soon, little guy.

    I'm a follower, and I would love to have a print advertisement done.

    I'm not really sure what you could do for a future giveaway. Maybe photo enhancement?

  3. Poor Babe! Ouch.
    I'm not sure exactly what I'd like done! :/
    I would like help with a banner though...
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Hey Jessica. Tell me how to link to your design portfolio. I have a few ideas but I want to see if I'm on track.

    And to Alphabe-Thursday tomorrow. Our letter for the week is D... Make your post Design Giveaway. The bloggers that do it will all visit your's not a ton of people but the more the merrier, right?

  5. Poor little fella. I feel so bad for him. He is really, really sweet. I am available anytime for babysitting. Our youngest granddaughter is 3 1/2! No babies! Waaaaahhhh....

  6. Poor little Reagan! That's gotta hurt.

    Cool give-away! I would love a button design, I think.

  7. Oh poor little baby! That is a real doozy of a goose-egg. And Doozy starts with D.

  8. Hi! I'm here from AlphabeThursday. Poor little guy! They all get a goose egg or two when they're that little don't they? I just saw one little guy with stitches across his forehead!

  9. Good Morning!!

    That is a NASTY looking goose egg. If Reagan is anything like my two sons and grandson, that is probably just the first of many, I'm afraid!

    I do hope all is well.

  10. Hi - stopping in from AlphabeThursday. That's a whopper of a goose egg, poor little guy. But he's adorable. Hope at least that his team won! I'd love to have a button designed, what a generous giveaway! Kathy

  11. Ouch! Poor guy. Ours got one from a tussle with the coffee table when he was two. It was huge, and then it turned green! Mortifying.

  12. Oh, ouch! Poor guy.
    Thanks for joining Alphabe-Thursday!
    Catherine :)

  13. Poor little guy. I hope he's doing better today. It just hurts looking at him.

  14. Ow! That is one impressive goose egg. I'm glad he didn't have a concussion and hopefully he'll be back to new soon.

    Oooh, I think I'd either want a blog button or sidebar buttons. Thanks for the chance to win =)

  15. stopping by from alphabe-thursday...even with a goose-egg...your son is adorable!

  16. Just stopped by from alphabe-thursday and this is a great giveaway. I'd love to have a great banner. Warm hugs, Esther

  17. Ok soooo... :) I'm entering!! And I'd like to win button! I'm not too good at designing them, and you are so...there ya go :) Um...and for a giveaway idea...I think you should make some monogrammed stationery with an awesome background and give people a custom monogrammed stationery set as a prize. Hope I win!! Your blog is looking cute by the way! :)

  18. don't enter me in the giveaway but I like the idea

    and poor Reagan, I'm sure he'll bounce back, he's quite adorable

  19. Oh my head is throbbing just from seeing that photo. Hope he is feeling better now.