Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Exodus of Re-Branding. Take 2

The wind is blowing. My little Mr. Mr. is nearing the end of his naptime.
I am re-branding. Again.

I have a problem.

I mean, really, a PROBLEM, with a capital P.

 Here's my problem. I LOVE color, I LOVE designs, and I can't have one design for myself. Why is that a problem? am I supposed to let everyone know who I am and what I do, if one minute I look like the lady at the bank, but I moonlight at the nearest Kon-Tiki?

Help me stay on track people! I am re-branding. This WILL be the last time. (Until my business base is established, that is.)  I am going with this, I will make business cards, and letterhead, and a blog header, and some stickers at Moo. The stickers are amazing.  
(And if you go to Moo, and happen to check out their blog, and leave a comment,
go ahead and give a kickback that you heard of them from me. That'd be spectacular.)

So check this out:

I've found that if I can design within a business card parameter, the logo generally figures itself out, and makes it easier to apply to my paper collateral. Weird, I know, but it works for me.

I will also be revising my list of services in the coming years weeks, so check back if there is something special you'd have me in mind for. I specialize in design for print, but I am slowly letting myself be pulled into web. I've been resisting since I've been in college. I know it's the newest coolest stuff, but I just have too much fun with the printing presses.

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