Thursday, May 19, 2011

No Posts Since February!

Geez. No wonder no one reads this anymore!  Well, I've been a LITTLE distracted. We found out at the end of January that we're expecting! I'm due in November, just a scant week before my little Mr. Mr.'s 3rd Birthday. Way to go with the planning?! Eek! Yep, and we're STILL traveling, so my last few months have been filled with the details and possibilities of what can and will happen realistically in the coming months.

Suffice it to say.....every other area of my life has suffered a little as we've worked out the details.  And since every other area of my life is changing, so shall my blog.  I'm working on a website for my creative business, so this blog is going to be less business minded and a little more creative. Eye candy, for instance, is a designers best friend.

If my hubbins had to choose between diamonds and the latest design software/hardware, the romantic in him would go with diamonds, and I'd swoon, and probably cry a little. If the practical side of him kicked in and he went with the usable, oh my goodness, I'd be in heaven. I love my laptop, my mighty mouse, my Wacom Tablet, and my software. I use them DAILY, and my dream of a creative firm is going to take flight on those basic "necessities".  I'll keep ya posted.


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