Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Vintage-y Birthday!

Oh Dad.... we've been through a lot. So for your 50th birthday, I'm going to squeal to everyone in Blogland, yes I said Blogland Dad, it's the place I go when Reagan's sleeping to maintain some sanity in my hectic life right now. Anyways, I'm going to squeal to all of them what we're doing for your 50th birthday! Why am I telling them? Because you aren't computer-savvy enough to find your oldest daughters blog online, so you'll never know!

Here's the invite!

OMG! I just mailed these today.... and I didn't put the DATE on them! ugh!!!!! I double and triple checked everything.

Epic Fail. 

This post just got ruined. I really did just see that and am not pretending for dramatic effect. Dang. Well I'll just have mom tell everyone who DOES call to rsvp that we didn't put the date on there to MAKE people call to find out when it is. That way those that show up on his actual birthday don't get cake. Um, yeah, that's it. Dang.

(Disclaimer: This in no way should reflect on my skills as a designer.... I've had a naughty 2 year old and my anniversary week this week and am a little loopy from it all.)

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  1. That is a great invite!! I totally know the escape to blogland, I do it daily!