Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Giveaways are in the Air!! *and on the feet!*

I am so excited for you guys to see these slippers! French Press Knits is giving away a pair of her amazing felted slippers! Head on over to her blog or Etsy shop and check them out!

But don't follow, because then that's more competition for me in this giveaway. Or wait until after February 5th to follow, or if you didn't know about the giveaway, and already follow, just sit tight until the winner is announced! Kidding! But seriously, check these out. They're awesome!


  1. OHHHh these look DELIGHTFULLY COZY!

  2. Those are totally adorable. Wow. I missed signing up so I'm hoping you won them!

  3. Nope, didn't win. Darn. Apparently there was 922 entries. Go figure I have a 1 in a bazillion chance!