Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finalized Filling Station T-shirt Design

Just got the go-ahead for this T-shirt design. And the cool place that its for is worth taking a look at. They don't know I'm sending you to their website, but it's a very very worthy cause and it benefits the youth of the small town that I'm from. My little brother and sister call that place home, as well as 90% of the kids middle school thru high school. It's called The Filling Station, and you can find them here. Again, that's right here.

Go check them out and learn more about them, and if you feel moved to donate to them, all the better! Mark and Pen are good friends of mine. They baptized me in the Lake when I was 16, and have been a part of my family for even longer than that. They have a heart for the youth of the small community of Clark Fork, and any money donated to them goes towards finishing the youth center.

I am participating in Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday. Check her out!


  1. Love it! Especially the "free refills"!

  2. great design work, i love the placement of the cross in the star!

  3. Jessica, what a F antastic design you created for them. You must feel honored to be selected to create this for them!

    Absolutely F abulous!


  4. Jessica, thanks for about about your tee shirt design-- your work is really nice! The Filling Station looks to be a lovely ministry, and seems to be doing an amazing job serving the needs of the local youth.

  5. The t-shirt design is great. The Filling Station sounds like a wonderful place for the kids. I like the name too.

  6. How clever! I think The Filling Station sounds like a wonderful place.