Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Quick Update

Ok so a lot has happened in a month, so I thought I'd update!

I just bit the bullet and purchased a new MacBook Pro.  It's a pretty amazing tool, and just means that I'm that much more mobile when it comes to meeting with clients and getting things done! No business-owner wants to admit this, but technically now I can work anywhere, anytime, with the convenience of WiFi. Don't take that as a license to get pushy!! Deadlines and proof dates still apply to preserve my life outside work!  Also, now that I'm so mobile, this is a good time to let everyone know that I'm currently working out of town, very very far out of town.  My husband's job moved him to Brookings, Oregon for a few months, so for a little while we'll be living in a travel trailer on the Oregon Coast!

Here's a picture of some landscape on the ocean that I did one day when I couldn't get motivated to work on any ads that I have to do! I guess I was influenced by some chinese brush paintings I saw, but then I got off on a tangent and this is what happened!

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